Blog # 15 (The Beginning of the End...)

Hi Guys,

So the 3rd quarter of the school year has come and gone, and with the 4th one starting, it's hard to believe there are only about two months of school to go.

What are your goals as the school year comes to an end?  How do you want to finish out the year in your classes?  In sports?  In other activities?  At home?  What things do you need to do to make those goals a reality?

Write a good paragraph, don't forget to study for Monday's quiz, and Go Nova!

Cool Mrs. Ciotti 

on  April 20, 2009  at  1:26 AM

My goal for the remainder of the year is simple... survive. The fourth quarter of any year is undoubtedly difficult. The weather's improving, sports starting, and distractions growing. Its hard for me to focus on classes and stay diligent about all my work, while at the same time trying to survive the beginning of the swim season. The key for me to be able to finish the year strong, with hopefully good grade, is to prioritize my work and to not let the distractions of the upcomeing summer drag me down. So my goal for the fourth quarter... survive.