Summer couldnt have come more quickly. I feel as if i just started 9th grade and now its summer. Anyways, I know that the summer will feel short as it always does as well. I dont know what I am going to do over the break yet. I know that I will go up to Canada for three weeks at our summer house at the beginning of August, end of July. June should be pretty uneventful. I am sure that there will be parties and all that but as for daytime activities, i have no clue what I will do to keep myself from getting bored, probably just pwn noobs on COD4. July should be the same as June, I think I might be going down to the shore but its not official yet haha. At the end of July I will head up to Canada, and will spend most of August there. The end of August will mostly be about getting all of my school stuff ready and also dreading the nearing of the school year. I am glad that I have had such a good year to start off high school career. thank you for a great year Mrs. Ciotti!


Reid Blynn



The year has gone by really fast and before i knew it, exams are a couple weeks away. To study for exams, I am going to set aside part of each day towards studying. I will also meet with Coach Cloran a few times as well. I feel pretty confident about my exams but a few will prove to be challenging. The english and math shouldn't really be too hard since math is my strongest subject and I am good at english as well. Physics, although not an exam but a project, could prove to be easy or hard depending on whether or not I do little chunks of it at a time, or leave it to last minute. Spanish is definately going to be hard since there is so much vocab to remember and since it is cumulative, I will have to study everything I have learned all year. History could be easy if I am smart about studying, but could be hard if I put of studying to the last minute. Hopefully I will do well in all of my exams.


your pal,



As well as today being my birthday, it is also mother's day. My mom does a lot for my family, so does my dad. Without my parents, I wouldnt have a roof over my head or a bed to sleep in. I wouldnt even have COD. I may yell at them but I know that they always know whats best for me and make the best decisions they can for me. I will look back and realize how great my parents were, and I will thank them for making me into who I am today.

hopefully, the Flyers will come out on top next game at Pittsburgh because then we will have a better chance at winning because it will be home ice advantage, which will tie up the series if we win the home game. The Flyers will pull it out in the end, and will be stanley cup champions **Knock on wood**. The sixers, I've heard, aren't doing so well, so I don't think they will do so well. BOOONNNN!!!!

goals for the rest of this year

By the end of this school year some of my goals are academic, as well as some COD related goals, as well as athletic goals. My academic goal is to have all A's and no A-'s because I know I can reach this goal if I really try and dont cut corners. In COD, I hope to achieve at least a 1.0 kill death ratio by the end dof this school year. My kill death should be higher than 1.0, but my brothers arent skilled in the field of COD, and go negative every game. Hopefully, they won't play much and I will have my 1.0 kill death. In athletics, I hope to stay healthy and not get injured since I have had a bad string of injuries starting with the wrist, then back problems, then my heel, then broncitus. To achieve this goal, I need to stay smart and know how much my boddy can take before getting overworked and even injured. Also, I hope that Nova will win tonight, not only because I live in villanova, but because Jay Wright is just such a boss.


Thank you.

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