Summer couldnt have come more quickly. I feel as if i just started 9th grade and now its summer. Anyways, I know that the summer will feel short as it always does as well. I dont know what I am going to do over the break yet. I know that I will go up to Canada for three weeks at our summer house at the beginning of August, end of July. June should be pretty uneventful. I am sure that there will be parties and all that but as for daytime activities, i have no clue what I will do to keep myself from getting bored, probably just pwn noobs on COD4. July should be the same as June, I think I might be going down to the shore but its not official yet haha. At the end of July I will head up to Canada, and will spend most of August there. The end of August will mostly be about getting all of my school stuff ready and also dreading the nearing of the school year. I am glad that I have had such a good year to start off high school career. thank you for a great year Mrs. Ciotti!


Reid Blynn