have i studied lets think NO

I think that the hardest exams will be spanish and physics. I think physics will be hard because  we have to write a very big paper that is due on the last day of exams. I thin that english will be the eaisest because that is my best subject.I like that we have mid terms so that I dont have to stuy for things that we did in september. BUt also it will be tough to study for the exams during memorial day weekend. I alos have to go to a going away party so i wont be able to study saturday. But i really want to finish off the year well and be able to do a good job in all of my classes.



Summer vacation is the besttime of the year. I can't wait, it is going to be funny. I will be playing hockey a lot this summer. I play every monday wednesday and friday for the whole summer. This summer is also big because I turn 16 and will finally be able to drive and be able to get my permit. It will be fun finally to be able to drive also it will help out in case i want to chill or hang out with friends. I really just want to cherish every hour of sleep that i can have. Also for the summer i will be going to florida right after school ends. I am going to clearwater and im staying in my friends house that is right on the beach. This is why i cannot wait for finals to be over and for summer to get started.


I know that sometimes I argue and yell at my parents but i always know that they will always make the right decisions. I want to thank them also for driving me everywhere espically hockey games in north jersey and virginia. Without my parents I would not be able to afford to go to one of the best schools on the east coast. Without my parents I would not be able to go anywhere but my house. I think that most of us take our parents for granted including me I sometimes realize how much they do for my brother and I. I really think that we should thank our parents for everything they do for us, they go out of their way to get us to sporting events, dances, parties etc. I would like to thank them for everything that they have done for me.


Happy mothers day  



Now that both the flyers and sixers have both been eliminated I can truly root for the best teams in both playoffs. Right now I'am starting to watch the detroit Red Wings as they are my favorite team in the NHL the game they played yesterday was amazing. It was a three overtime game in which they lost but it doesnt matter they will still win they series. I wanted to tell everyone how bad the Nba playoffs are. They are bad becasue in the eastern conference all the first four seeds made the next round off the playoffs there are no cinderellas this year. In the nhl playoffs the sixth and eight seeds made it to the conference semi-finals. I can now say also that the eagles had a pretty solid draft day. I cannot wait to see both jeremy maclin and Desean Jackson playing for the eagles. Now hopefullly both of these college standouts will continue with their great success in the NFL. I cannot wait also for the eagles to play the broncos. I would really want to see Brian Dawkins jack up Mcnabb becasue I think that MCnabb is a bum and we really need to get a young quaterback maybe a sleeper pick in the draft. And also i look foward to watching the phillies even though I will never here the voice of Harry the K may he rest in peace

End of the year goals

For the end of the year I would like to finish strong with all A's on my report card. I think that this is a goal that I can accomplish. I also want to get all A on my final exams. The hardest thing in the end of the year this year will be not getting into trouble. Right now my goal is to make the little flyers ice hockey team. I want to make this team and also i want to work hard to finish school strong. Right now im just looking foward to getting a nice relaxing summer break. So my main goal is to finish off the year strong so i can just be able to relax on summer break. Also i am able to drive this summer when i get my permit
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