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Since this is a free blog I will talk about what I am going to do this weekend. Friday night I really didn’t do much. However, I did play a little xbox, but mostly sleep cause I was really tired. Tonight I plan to sleep over my friends’ house, which should be fun. We also plan to go to the movies and see Friday the 13th.  Even though I am not a really big scary movie fan, I am still going to see it because I heard it was really good. On Sunday, I plan to wake up really late and eat pancakes for breakfast. I might play some tennis on Sunday, but I am not sure yet. This is basically what I plan to do this weekend. Aright…that is all.  


Abraham Lincoln was a very courageous President and always did what he believed to be right. Lincoln has probably been on many Americans minds not only because of his birthday, but because Barack Obama used the same bible that Lincoln used for his first inauguration. This is one of the many reasons that he is still very important person in history and why he is significant in the year 2009. Also without Lincoln’s help with freeing African Americans from slavery, the United States of America would be a totally different country then it is today. Since Lincoln was brave in doing so, this gave all the great African Americans today a chance to make a difference in the world today. The most recent example was Barack Obama. If it were not for arguable one of the best Presidents in the United States, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama would not be the first black President like he is today.

Modern Day Prophet

I feel that Barrack Obama is the best example of a modern day prophet our country has and needs. He has gone through so much and fought so hard that he definitely deserves to be President of the United States. Even though he has not exactly predicted something to happen that has happened yet, I feel that he will predict many goods things in this country. For example, I am one hundred percent sure that racism will decrease just like he said it would. I am really looking forward to this decrease in racism to happen because I believe it will make our country more united as one nation. I also sense that there will be some great change that will occur in American that will make it much more powerful and unified, just like he predicts. Overall, I hope he will be a great President and turn America around.
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