I cannot wait for summer to come because I have had enough of school this year. The first couple of weeks of summer I will most likely sleep in to 12 o’clock, which will be nice. My friends and I also plan to do a trip to six flags after exams. It will most likely occur in the second week of summer. Throughout the summer I will concentrate on playing tennis. I plan to play about 3 to 4 hours of tennis each day to get ready for big tournaments. In June my family and I will be traveling to Florida to visit my whole family and celebrate my cousins 30th birthday. During that time I will probably go to the beach and play golf and tennis. Later in the summer my family and I are also traveling to France for two weeks. This will be an amazing experience because I have never been there before and I heard it is wondering there. The only other time I have been to Europe is last summer when I went to Italy and that trip was the best trip I ever went on. I will mostly likely play COD and Halo throughout the summer as well.    

End of School Year

I am not looking forward to exams whatsoever because I can’t wait for summer. However, there is no way to escape from them so I have to study. I plan to start making exam study guides for each subject this weekend and the ones I don’t finish I will do next weekend. The hardest exam for me will be history because there is so much material to study and I don’t understand most of it. Spanish will be my second hardest exam because the exam covers the grammar from the whole year and there is about 200 vocabulary words. English will not be too difficult because it only covers everything in the second semester, which was all easy material. Physics we don’t have an exam because we have a lab report on the egg drop. This should not be as hard as an exam but it will be very time consuming. Lastly, my Theater exam will be very easy because we have to finish writing our plays, which I am almost done doing. We also have to memorize a dialogue with a partner, but we have been memorizing dialogues all year long. After exams I will be so happy because we will have a whole 3 months of sleeping in, no schoolwork, and hanging out with friends.



My parents have given me the opportunity to succeed in life. Without them I would not be where I am today. They have helped me throughout my life with difficult decision I am faced with and guided me on the right path. Even though I sometimes get frustrated at them, I just think how terrible my life would be without them. They have allowed me to go to the Haverford School because of their hard work and dedication to what they do, they have given me the resources to allow me to succeed in tennis, and they have always loved me. Without my parents I would not be where I am today and my life would be awful. Sometimes I just have to step back and realize that my parents are my life.    


My opinion is that the Flyers will lose first round against the Penguins. The series score will probably end up being 4-3 or 4-2. However, I honestly don’t watch ice hockey that much, so I don’t really know how good the Penguins are, and beside Crosby I don’t know many other players on their team. On the other hand, I am a big fan of the Sixers, even though they haven’t had the best teams the past few years. I feel that the key factors in the first round Sixers match-up against the Magic are containing Howard in the lane. If the Sixers do that and both Andre’s and Young have big games we will keep the series close. In the end though I don’t see the Sixers winning because the Magic have to many weapons for the Sixers to handle. However, if the Sixers do pull of the upset against the Magic, then I do see them winning the next series but losing to the Cavaliers in the Division Championship.

4th Quarter

I am very excited that school is coming to an end because I can’t wait for summer. However I first have to get through the 4th quarter and exams. My goal for the 4th quarter is that I maintain around an A- to A average for each class and that I enjoy the last quarter of freshman year with my friends. This will required a lot of work in history and spanish, but I think I can do it. For exams, my goal would be to receive a B+ to A- on each exam. Exams in general require lots of studying and hard work. It also is very difficult to concentrate when I study because I am thinking about summer. For sports, my goal is that the varsity tennis team wins the interact. This will require lots of tough drills and conditioning from my teammates and me, but hopefully it will pay off. That is about all for my goals and I can’t wait for summer….
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