This year went by very quickly.  I cannot believe it is already memorial day.  For summer, I hope to be relaxing a lot and sleeping a lot.  During most of the days, I'm not sure what i'll be doing yet-hopefully getting a job.  At least 4 or 5 times a week I also have baseball games at night.  Also, I am in a basketball league at haverford this summer.  For some of August, when most of my sports are over, I will probably go to cape cod.  That will be a nice, relaxing way to end my summer.  And then its back to school again.  BLOGGING HAS MADE HISTORY CLASS GREAT. 


Memorial Day and Exams

I cannot believe that this school year is just about over.  It has come and gone very quickly.  I am starting to prepare this up coming week for exams.  I will try to study a few hours each night and manage my time well.  Since all the teachers haven't handed out the study guides yet, I have no idea which exams will be easier and which will be more difficult.  Even though the school year is almost over, this is still one of the most important times all year so I have to prepare well to finish off the year strongly.   

Mom and Dad

My Mother and my Father have been there for me since the day I was born.  They have given me the oppurtunity to go to a very good school and i took it.  They have given me food, a house and all sorts of electronics.  They only have yelled at me when I have absolutely deserved it and they have never grounded me.  My parents have given me life.  They have taught me how to succeed in life and have taught me how to play sports and how to do almost everything I know.  Without them I wouldn't even be here.   

Sixers and Flyers Playoffs

I have never watched a complete hockey game in my entire life.  I have tried to watch it before, but I just can't.  I never have any idea what is going on or who is playing.  However, I do know that the Flyers are playing the Penguins (and yes i do know 1 player on the Penguins.)  I do not think that the flyers will make it past the first round of playoffs.  Now, for the Sixers I have some better predictions.  I believe that they will defeat the Magic in the first round.  And for the second round, the Sixers will be swept by the Cavs and Lebron will drop 40+ in every game.  Although I would like another championship, I don't think it will happen this year.