This summer coming up will be a rewarding one after a tough school year. For the first couple of weeks i will be helping my mom with the third and fourth extentoin to her buisness. After that i will be enjoying the beaches of ew jersey and then i will go to greece. In greece i will be visiting my family and i will will be staying there for a month. After that i will complete some of my summer reading and spend the rest of my august in the river. I have one more paper and then all my plans will be closer then ever. But at the end of all that fun i see a dead end, and that dead end is the first day bay from summer....

Many times parents may seem like a drag. But when i truly think about who I am, i would not have been the same without the guidence of my mother and father. Coming to haverford was their idea. At first i despized the thought of attending an all boys private school and leacving my friends at public school, but once i experienced the new level of learning at haverford I learned to apreciatte the learning more and I have gotten alot out of the money my parents put into it. The most important phylosophy that my parents used to raise me is not to totaly let me find my way, they guided me on a road and let me turn as I wanted and with just giving me advice which would be ment to help me.


Personally i do not follow the sport of hockey because i find it uninteresting. I like watching basketball but not the NBA, college basketball is the way to go. I do believe that i will jump on the bandwagon is any of the two teams hve a shot at becoming champions. As for the phillies they are doing ok. It is still early in the season so I am not so worried about them. Turns out Ibanez was a great pick. I  wonder how Barry Bonds feels

This year has been a good one so far for me in terms of the important thing in life such as; health, happiness, and my family. As for school, my first year at THS has been rewarding and challanging. My plans in terms of the 4th quarter are to finish out stronger than all the other quaters so far. I will finish with a bang so i can enjoy my summer thinking that i did well at the end. As for sports I tried out crew this year and i really enjoy it. I am on a boat with my other classmates and considering were freshman we are doing pretty well. Both races we finished in 3rd place out of five. My goals for crew is to become stronger faster and have more stamina and better technique so our race time will decrease from 6:15 to six minuets or under. Next year as a sophmore i will be taking two honors courses which i am hoping to do really well on. As for now i am going to battle out the rest of the year and enjoy catching some rays at the beach in the summer.

An extra hour i elive is every high schoolers dream. With the tight schedual that we have some times we dont even have time for dreams. An extra hour would even out a highly stressfull schedual and let students relax. Realxing and not feeling stressed out would make us more confident about doing our home work and we would be less tired in school