So I am really bored on a wednesday evening when I am searching random websites. Then I think to myself what is a really awesome website i want to go on. Guess what came to my mind. THis one omgizzle. Anyways History this year is nothing like History last year. I remember how at time we would display a little bit of displeasure with Mrs. Ciotti's class, but I feel that I need another Mrs. Ciotti reunion. So I say Mrs. Ciotti that when you come back to haverford we assemble the Ciotti History class and journey back to our favorite classroom in the Haverford School and talk about times of our fill of bread and wine. Beautiful. Sounds like a plan. 


Toota Loo



Can we like redo last years history class. Im am in deep need of a Mrs. Ciotti reunion class. Those were the days



Dear classmates,

       YHWH officially wants me to die. He has tried to kill me now twice this summer. If you would like more information, text me or call me at 610 731 9261. The story is intense and the saga continues. But I have determined that it is officially YHWH's fault. Right now I am doing nothing but sitting at home resting AGAIN because of YHWH.


Truly Yours,

     B.G. Lemmon


PS- Scott sucks at golf and cod along with fellow classmates Schwenke and Rego 


Conclusion to the best start to summer ever

Well leaving off with where we were...

I was dead sick tired and everything. From June 3 Wednesday, the basic last day of school to Sunday June 7 I felt absolutely horrible. Then the Monday following on June 8 I felt perfect. I was looking forward to getting huge, start lifting and hanging out with friends. However, unfortunately, early Tuesday morning at 1:30 in the morning I woke up and i felt really sick. I was really sick the whole day doing stuff that I do not feel mentioning in this blog to prevent anyone else from getting sick. But anyways I eventually would end up in the hospital where they would test me for the swine flu and eventually realized I had apendicitis. I had my the first surgery of my life the next day and then took 3 days to get better. I really don't feel like leaving a detailed blog about my adventures of the first surgery of my life and the different challenges I had to encounter and how now greatly I appreciate urinating. If you would like to know more, text me or comment and I will leave a more informative comment. But I just got home, feel great, and I am a little out of it. good to be back.



     B.G. Lemmon 


The Best Way To Start The Summer

My summer thus far has literally sucked. Throughout the entire school year I had not been sick once, unlike the last few years where I had missed up to 10 days of school from being sick. So going towards exams I was like wow, one of the reasons this year was great was because I did not miss any days of school due to being sick. Then the Wednesday in which we received are exams back I started to feel a little sick and my head was really hurting. Then someone, whose name shall go unmentioned to protect him, hit me in the head for absolutely no reason and that really grinded me gears...literally. My gears were grinding so hard that it caused my fever to spike to 102.2 for the rest of the day. The next day were the awards and I was like freaking out because I heard the school like suspends you or something if you don't go to the awards assembly or anything. So I took some Motrin and went to the assembly. I also had hoped I would win an award due to my outstanding grades this year. Unfortunately I didn’t win an award and I was hurting throughout the entire assembly. Anyways I went home and my fever reached its peak of 103.6. I found this totally unfair because I wasn’t sick the entire year and now the man above decided to lay a bomb right on me with this sickness so I would not be able to hang out with my friends, and at time not be able to play COD4, the whole purpose of my summer. Anyways, while still being sick Friday, I decided to play cod and I was awful. Being sick weakened by cod abilities so I couldn't lead my team to victory at any cost. Yet then I took some Motrin and in about 30 minutes I was feeling well enough to attempt and lead my team. I got on cod and encountered an 18-1-2 game on Search and Destroy on Crossfire. This has by far been one of my most rewarding cod experiences because I received 975 experience points and I also acquired an airstrike. Along with that, I led my team to victory in two rounds while being the last one standing, one of which it was 1 v. 4, which is an outstanding feat. Anyways these past few days I've slowly been getting better and now I am almost ready to enjoy my summer, but I just wanted to mention how I have wasted the first like 5 days of my summer just by being sick, which sucks. Comment if you read this, I would greatly appreciate it.


George Blackmore Lemmon III