Finnals are the worst time of year for a high school student. The teachers seem to think it would be funny make all the work due the last three days of school, and in addition to that work we have the exams to prepare for. This work is hard, but we only have two weeks left until summer. My exams schedule worked out this year so i only end up having to take three written exams: History, English, and Math. My German exam is a presentation, so i still have work but peresentations aren't that bad. For my aret exam I just have to show up to the critic and talk about work, so that requires no studying, and my physics exam is a project i will have already finished by the exam period. The History exam will not be to difficult because we get to bring in an entire page cheet sheet (thank you Mrs. Ciotti), the Math will require some memorization of formuals and other concepts but should not be to stressful, but the english exam will be the hardest of the three. For English i will have to outline an essay, momorize vocab, and study the books and poem we have read throughout the year. All in all this years exams for me will not be to difficult.

Bettering Us.

My parents have always been my rock. They have stood by me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I would not be where i am now without them, and for that I am eternally grateful. I thank them not just because they pay my tuition and drive me to swim practice at un-godly hours of the morning, but rather because they have always looked out for my best interest; weather it was forcing me to make the right choice, or letting me make the wrong one, they always want what will be best for me. They put their duties as a mother and father ahead of any personal ambitions, and they work tirelessly to better my and my brothers lives. This I know I will never be able to repay, but it is why we dedicate one day out of the year to be theirs, one day with no worries of where they need to drive us next, or what errand around the house needs to be done. We will never be able to repay them for what they do for us, but at the very least we must let them know that their tireless work does not go overseen. This is why we celebrate mother and fathers day; this is why we celebrate them.

Philly Sports... and our fans.

Since I am writing this blog after both the flyers and the sixers have been eliminatied, and I dont really care who wins now, I am going to take the time to write about Philly sports and fans. We Philidelphians are known for our rambunctious support, to say the least, for our teams. This year we had the chance to watch our Phillies win the world series, had both the Flyers and the Sixers in the world series, and were able to let the rest of the teams know how we in Philly cheer on our teams. We have a reputation for being, on occation, admidily alittle over zellous in our cheering, but this is what makes us the best fans in sports. We never let anyother team leave a stadum or ball park wondering if we support our team or love the sport. They always know that we'er from Philly, and we love it. This love for our teams has ended up with some beer drenched sweetshirts, stolen hats, and lots of pop corn thrown on the unlucky fans of anyother sports team that is playing in one of our stadiums. I have know problem if you are a fan of anouther team and come to watch their game in our stadium, but you better be wearing a plan shirt and you better keep your mouth shut, cause if you dont we'll let you know where you are and why we dont want you here.

Finish...or try to.

My goal for the remainder of the year is simple... survive. The fourth quarter of any year is undoubtedly difficult. The weather's improving, sports starting, and distractions growing. Its hard for me to focus on classes and stay diligent about all my work, while at the same time trying to survive the beginning of the swim season. The key for me to be able to finish the year strong, with hopefully good grade, is to prioritize my work and to not let the distractions of the upcomeing summer drag me down. So my goal for the fourth quarter... survive.

A thankful Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving it is particularly important that we pause for a day and give thanks to all that we have been blessed with. We are extraordinarily lucky that we live in a community in which there are no limits on our dreams. Now, with the nations and the worlds ecomey in chaos, we can see just how lucky we are; in comparason to other parts of the country our lives remain relatively unharmed, and we know that there will be presants at Christmas, and a nice meal on
Thanksgiving, but unfortunately there are areas in which this is not the case. Now more than ever we should reach out to someone or some family and offer a helping hand. I implore you to get involved with the can food drive at Haverford, and any other community service project in which you are helping less fortunate others have a happy Thanksgiving.
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