Summer Plans

Ive got a few things planned for the summer. I plan on going to the shore for about a week and hanging out a bunch. I also plan on going to Houston fro probably about a week as well. Im most excited to go to camp though. This will be my 8th year going back. The camp I go to is in Arkansas so its a bit of a ways away but the long trip is a small price to pay for all the fun I have at the camp for the two weeks that I attend




My parents have contributed so much to my life that I will never be able to repay them. A teacher once told me that we are like banks and our parents are like the people putting money into the bank. To keep with the anolgy, my parents have made me into Fort Knox if this is the case ( the investments isn't literally money.) I have been extremly lucky by being blessed with an amazing set of parents and I hope I never take advantage that.


Personally I think that the Philadelphia sports teams will not do well. In fact I would even go as fas as to say that Philadelphia sports temas are the definition of choke. I would think it cool if they did do well and hope I am wrong for your sakes. Go Astros, GO Rockets

New Quarter

My goals for the new quarter are to finish off strong and pull up my grades. THough I did well the last quarter I think I can do better so I am going to put alot of effort into bumping up my grades a mark or two. If I can finish the year off strong I will be happy.

Extra Hour

If I had an extra houre everyday I would do a bunch of things with it. Sometimes Iwould use it to get some extra sleep. Other times I would use it when I forgot about a Homework assignment and need to get it done. HAving an Extra Hour in everyday would be great as long as it didn't mean an extra hour of school.