School is almost over ?

This year was by far the fastest school year ever.  As we all know exams are coming up soon.  To study for the exams i will try to set aside about a half hour every day to studhy.  The hardest exam i have this year is most likely going to be physics even though i have to write a paper as the final exam.  This is going to be difficult because physics is not exactly my forte but i am good at writing papers os i dont know how it will turn out.  The next exam that will be difficult is latin. This will be difficult becuause it is cumulative and that means it covers material covered all year.  My easiest exam will be english.  English is my strongest subject and i have been improving all year in it. 



My parents have done countless things for me throughout my life.  One of the things I am most thankful for is my parents sending me to Haverford.  They have made many financial sacrifices to send me here and they have always made financial sacrifices sending me to catholic school for ten years.  My parents have given me opportunities throughout my life and I will always be thankful for that.



I do not follow professional basketball at all however i am aware that the sixers are doing well.  They beat the magic and are moviing on in the playoffs.  If the sixers play the Cavs then i thinl they they will lose because the Cavs have to maany weapons in LeBron and that other gaurd Williams or something like that.  The flyers lost and they met the end of the road.  How did they let up a three goal lead?  I dont know i guess we will have to wait tillll next year. 


Fourth Quarter

This school year was by far the fastest year of my life.  My main goal for the end of the year is to finish the year with at least a B+ or possibly an A in all of my classes.  To accompplish this i have to do well on my exams and study just as hard as i have been and even harder in some other classes.  Some athletic goals for the fourth quartwr are to get stronger and faster for the up coming football season and possibly get some varsity playing time .  Also i hope that the Michigan State Spartans win the national champoinship tomorrow night and beat the Tarheels because i absolutely hate them.  

Spring Break and March Madness(GO MICHIGAN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well to start things off, go Spartans.  Michigan State's huge win over Louisville probably made my day.  Also both of the Nova games were pretty intense and gratifing.  In the game verse Duke i was surprised that Henderson didn't have the game that he was suppposed to.  Scottie is probly the most clutch point guard in the nation after making that lay up with barely any time remaining in the game.  The final four game is going to be pretty sick and i cant wait to watch it.  Go Spartans

My spring break was rather chill.  I slept late every day and then i laid on the new furniture for the rest of the day.  Although the break was fun i was kind of mad that none of the other schools were off at the same time as we were so i couldnt hsng out wwith my  friends who go to Catholic highschools.  But all in all the break was enjoyable and i got a lot of R and R.  Remember everybody go Spartanss. They will win it all.