hi mrs ciotti

I LOVE OBAMA HE IS THE MAN AND I CANT WAIT UNTIL I GET TO VOTE FOR HIM WHEN IM 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I think that i am ready for final exams. This whole week and next weekend will be dedicated to studying, so that i will do well. I hope that my study plans will go throught and that i do well on my exams. During exams i have to stay after they end, i have no clue what im going to do. I stayed after last year as well, and it wasn't too bad, because other people stay after and we just hang out. I hope that exams go well.

My Mom and Dad

I have the best parents by far (no offense to anyone else who has a different opinion). I will start out with a generalization, THEY PUT UP WITH ME!!! But anyway my dad does everything for me, he knows how to fix anything, i use all of his stuff and he doesn't mind, but most of all he's always "got my back", when ever i have a problem, he knows how to fix it, he is a very knowledgeable man. And now on to my mom, she always bites her nails, because she's always thinking, or putting up with me. She is the leader, she cooks she cleans, she does the laundry, and know what to do, like my dad, if i am in a tough predicament. During the summer, she will drive me to my friends house, drive all the way back to her work, and then drive all the way back later, to drive me to football practice, waits around in the main line, then picks me up when its done, and then we go back home. MY PARENTS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just want to make 1 thing clear, I am not a basketball guy. I am aware that the Sixers are in the playoffs against the Magic, but other than that i am not following the Sixers. On the other hand I am infact following the almost as much as Bowen. Currently I am sitting in my livingroom watching the flyers. AARON ASHAM JUST SCORED THE BEST GOAL I HAVE EVER SCENE!!!??!?!?!?@$%%(*&^%&$#^*)*%^$#%&#%^&*!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!!!!! The flyers gained the puck in the neutral zone and the puck was dropped back to Aaron Asham about 5 feet from the blue line, he then took a high and fast slapshot, and the puck hit the very top right corner of the net and bounced in, which gave the Flyers the lead,    1-0. GO FLYERSSSS!@#$%^&**&^%$#@!~!@#$%^&**&^%$#@! 



I am not a big basketball guy, but i am rooting all of the way for Villanova, because they are the home team, and i played football for a U15 team that was run by their college, so i got used to their campus and the people there and i thought it was a very nice school, anyway i had a chance to watch a few of their games, and it was very impressive because the players are all around athletes, and it is great to watch them. My break was not too exciting, i didnt go anywhere, but i did get to celebrate two birthdays, one of them was my friend, who just turned 16, and the other was my nephew who just turned 5.