Over the summer i will be doing a lot of different things. Over the spand of these few months, i will be ging to lacrosse camps. I will also be attending mini camps for football. The notable will also be taking up uch pf my time and yet i dont care since i have suh a fun time singing. I will also be going to the shore which is always my favorite part o the summer. I usually spend all of my time in avalon with my friends and always have fun. This summer will be the best yet and im ecited to see how it goes.

Exams. Judgement day

In the next few days, there are many exams, some which are hard and some which will test my knoledge of the year. There are two which i feel will be hard and will truly test my sklls as a student. These are Science and Spanish. Science will be difficult because the lab report which we must present is 20 pages and i have difficult writing long papers. The spanish will be challeging since i have had a hard time this  year with spanish but i will be trying my best to be as prepared as possible.

Philly Sports... omg!

It is obvious that every sports team in Philidelphia will choke. It is just a known fact that the phillies just beat the curse but for the rest of the teams, there is no chance. Dont get me wrong, i love hometown teams but im a realist and i know that the chance of another Philidelphia team winning any Championship is the same chance that paris hilton will be Beatified by the pope. If any team does win, the earth will immediatly implode into itself. I dont mean to be negitive but i just dont see it happening but i will stil pray that maybe, just maybe, another team can win a Championship.

Everything good has to end...

The school year is almost complete and I want to make sure that I finish all of the goals I set in the beggining  of the year. In academia, I want to finish strong. I want to finish the year with out making any major mistakes. In sports, I want to at leastscore one goal on the the varsity lacrosse team. In my social life i am trying to meet as maany new people as i can. In completing my goals I have set this year, i can put in place new ones for the next year.  

upsets and good times

Spring break was great... especially since nova is doing so well. Although my bracket is completly ruined, i still enjoy watching each and every game. I love to see upsets, especially when its Duke vs. Nova. I almost knocked over the nachoes from joy when Nova won the game. I even enjoy the random games that I dont even care the outcome. I always have to have a bowl of nachoes, a bottle of arizona ice tea and pack of M&M's.

 Over spring break, I was mostly consumed by lacrosse and hanging out around home. I went to new york with some friends and family. We walked the streets and had loads oftime for shopping. I got the coolest pair of nike low dunks. They for some reason make me think of ice cream. Spring Break is one of my favorite times and i widh it would never end...