Well as of this point in the summer. Call of duty is what I'm doing and loving. And BG lemmon will get smacked down on Friday when we have our 1 v 1 showdown. 

Summertime... The living's easy

Well, as the title suggests, I will be mellowing out over this summer. About a week after exams, me and some other young haverfordians are traveling to Costa Rica, to further our knowledges of the Spanish language. Along with Senor Poolman, we will live in a town for a week with homestays, and all we can speak is spanish, which shall be very tough. After this two week extravaganza, I will be returning home for three weeks of R and R (Rest and relaxation for all of you people who don't know that phrase out there.) I will be furthering my amazing skills in Call of Duty 4, to train for the upcoming release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, which comes out in November. I will be motivated so I can lead my team to victory (at any costs), which is something that B.G. Lemmon can not do. After my intense CoD sessions, I will be going to camp in North Carolina for one month, so I can engage in many sports and activities. After this great month, I will be returning home to play more CoD and hang out with mah bois. 

End of School

Well, as final exams loom around the corner many students are doing different things to prepare for them. As for me, I am lightly reviewing all the information of my classes, just so I can jog my memory of what we did in the past. As exams become even nearer, my studying increases. I am particularly worried about this egg-drop paper, because it has not really been outlined what were supposed to be discussing. Also, I think that the history exam is going to be difficult, because of all the information we learned this year. I think that geometry and english will be fairly easy, with theatre being somewhere in the middle because of the plays we have to turn in. 


Although parents can sometimes be annoying and on your case too much, they mostly mean the best for you. Parents can be very worried about grades and what you do, or many other things like that. Although they are very annoying about such things, they always are trying to help. I really don't have anything else to say... So I'm out. 


Well, with the certain playoff situation, both Philadelphia teams have been eliminated. So instead, I am going to talk about how the Eagles are going to do in this coming season. I think the Eagles will have a similar outcome of last year, this year. I believe that the eagles will be reasonably successful in the regular season, however, lose moderately early in the playoffs. I think that Donavan McNabb is getting a little bit old to play in the competitive league of the NFL, because only a god could do play when your middle-aged, or 80 in NFL years. Brett Farve is an example of such a god.