The good life

Hazy and Lazy is the best way to describe this summer because it will be hot and I will be doing nothing as much as possible to stay cool. I've been reeeeaaaalllllyyyyyy waiting for school to be over and when it concludes I will enjoy every single minute of free time that I have. Unfortunately, I do have things to do such as play sports and I'm planning on getting a job, so a brotha can get a little change in the pocket, but other than that my summer will be used for sleeping and relaxing the entire time. 



I can't wait until finals this year because that means summer is almost here and that means NO SCHOOL:) To prepare for finals i'll do the simple and proven thing, STUDY, it's worf for me before and i'm sure it'll work for me again. This year I think Math will be the most challenging final because it's all trigonometry, and we've been dealing with trigonometry for a couple of weeks. There's really no exam that i'm surely confident about but I'll study and perservere, and once i'm done exams, i'll try to stay as far away from this school as I can.


I don't know, anything can happen.

Honestly, I know nothing about hockey besides that the flyers are playing the penguins. I hope they win and advance further into the playoffs, but I have no clue about their chances. I do know taht the sixers hav absolutely no chance in making it to the eastern conference finals of the nba championship. I know this because of one man "LEBRON JAMES", unfortunately the sixers are in te same divisiion as this man and therefore will not advance to any type of finals.

Heading toward the finish line.

The school year is coming to an end and I want to finish strong. In the fourth quarter I want to finish with all A's in all of my classes, that's my goal, and hopefully that'll help my entire year grade for each subject. Outside of academics, I'm working on being a more complete basketball player, because the season is statring in the summer. Also, I'm running track to get and stay in shape. I'm trying to finish this quarter stronger than the other three so when the summer hits I can relax. Well, only for a little because basketball starts.


Spring Break and March Madness

Most of the tournament is almost done and most of my predictions have been wrong. Uconn is the only team that I have making it to the final four. Now anything is open, i no longer making predicitions. On a better note though, this spring break I did nothing except SLEEP. I stayed home, played basketball, and spent time with my friends. Some days I had to go to track practice, but that didn't ruin my break. Overall, I had a good time.