Spring Break

Well, first of all everyone should know that today (March 20) is my birthday so if you don't wish me a happy birthday via blog I will actually find you and... well use your imagination because I don't think I should be making legitimate threats here. 

 Now, about MaRcH mAdNeSs, I really didn't take too much of an interest in college hoops this year so no I didn't feel out a bracket, and no I don't have any specific predictions. However I will call the winner right now. NOVAAAAAAA...

 For Spring Break 2009 I will go to Jupiter Beach, Florida (well I am actually here now but whatever, tense specifications are for noobs. However they are the reason for like 2 points off of my Report Part III paper...). I'm here and so far things seem decently boring. There aren't any kids my age so uuuuggggghhhhh. At least I'll being playing some golf with my pops which I do enjoy. In fact I played today and was less than a yard away from my first hole in one. Because Mrs. Ciotti asked who will I be spending time with, I will answer it directly. My sister Sloan Stokes Warren, my MOM Bonnie Jeanne Stokes, and my DAD William Scott Warren Sr. (yes same name, he is a stud) Well I think I'm gonna go now because my birthday just ended and I am significantly tired. And incase anyone was curious I got in the 80s of "happy birthday" wall posts on my facebook. A little disappointing, but, hey, I don't care, do you? 



There are just so many things I could do with an extra hour each day. One thing I would definitely like to do with that time is pursue my career as a bank robber. I would assemble a team of eleven experience thieves and rob multiple banks in the Philadelphia area in the 25th hour of each day leaving nothing but a Wawa "Lemonade Tea Cooler". This is just an act of my consideration so that when the owner of the bank  finds all of his money gone and so many people to repay and an angry insurance company to deal with, at least he will have some delicious tea cooler to sip on and be very... REFRESHED. One other thing that I may have to dip my pen in would be spelunking. Since many of you ignorant children may not know what spelunking is, here is a description. Descending into and exploring caves that run deep down into the earth, seeking untold fortunes and perhaps a small leprechaun named Joe who will give whoever finds him first a pot of gold, which, when taken to a CHUCKY CHEESE'S, can be cashed in for a six foot tall stuffed giraffe. If, by chance, you take this stuffed animal to a ranch in Florida that goes by the name of, Sack's Oranges, the owner will give you 94% of all oranges currently on the property. 
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