I wish summer could be what it used to be: having nothing to do and just hanging out doing just about nothing. That is exactly what I need right now. Since I'm a little late on my blog, right now I am smack in the middle of final exams, and let me tell you, I am jut swamped. It literally amazes me how much stuff i have to do. I'm going to put the amount of time I will have spent in total preparing for my finals at about 30-35 hours. Maybe more. And then the worst part of all of this is that once I'm done with school and get all of those A's on my report card, I still won't have time to relax. As soon as my schedule is finished with being filled up with schoolwork, it willed by stuffed with athletic events. I will be playing quite a bit of lacrosse in the beginning of the summer and playing quite a bit of squash in the end of it. However, fortunately for me, somewhere in the middle of all of the, for some of July that is, I will have time the head up to my house in Maine and relax there. I will enjoy that part of my summer sooooo much. HJJNGRYKNMUIHMUUFREUHMFULSEFKDYGFKJRHGNBRVNFGHJKBNSF BHKBV YUGBERYUTBGHNTJKRNV FN EHUVBHREUBHVFKBDJKVBFGHJOGBEROBVYBEYHYTUHEYHTUYBVGHJBVJF. Yeah. I don't know what it means either... Just angry typing in caps lock to express my anger at exams.

What are Final Exams?

I have decided to completely ignore "Final Exams" this year. I realized that school only does harm to a growing male youth, and that choosing a path other than "education" is a more reasonable approach to life. Studying my mind off just to achieve acceptable (or even exemplary) isn't a good way to spend a significant part of my life. Although I have extremely difficult exams like Chinese, Math, and History (which isn't as hard as the others), I will spend the next couple of weeks outside, soaking up some rays, workin' on my chill lax tan, and maybe enjoying a few black & white milkshakes. Why do something like school that can only lead to a stressful career when I could be doing something productive like relaxing and taking in the scenery of nature. Maybe I'll even compose a song or two on the geetar and play them for one and all to hear so that I can soothe the metaphoric ears of the world. One Love ya'all.... one love....

What are Final Exams?


My Parental Units

Although I, and many other adolescents around my age, often fight with my parents and feel at times that they don't do a good job, it's days like these that make you stop and think about all they do for you. My parents do so much for me it blows my mind. They support me in striving to achieve all of my academic, and athletic goals by providing me with the best resources for success. Any parent willing to send their child to Haverford is one generous and loving human being. Other than material and financial things, they both love me and would do anything for me, regardless of how it sometimes may seem. I think it's part of maturing to realize what parents and family really mean to a person. They have a big impact on what kind of person you develop into, and if you are fortunate to have been raised by parents as special as mine (I know it's a little cute, and you have a problem with it, please take it up with me in person [BON]), then you have received a big advantage in life that most children haven't. As a final note, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day, and I sure hope you treat your mom with a significantly higher amount of respect and love today, unlike my sister who is a total brat to my mom like always. She just might be the devil...

Random Blog

There are no blogs to do but it is 1:00 in the morning and i am rather bored since no one is one AIM. I still have some Chinese homework to do but i am putting it off because it is immensely unenjoyable to do. I am in the mood to tell a tall tale to of whichever of my classmates have enough "class" to read this blog. While thinking about how unacceptable it is that Haverford gives me upwards of four hours of homework to do a night, I thought of things I could accomplish in my youth if I had more free time. One thing I would like to do is travel to a barren, uninhabited land in the middle of Asia and build a rice farming plantation. With enough hard work, I could make it a very large and well known producer of rice, and thus attract young Afghani and other types of Asian people seeking wages through manual labor. I could hire the most well qualified of these prospects, and increase the size of my rice farm. Eventually, my rice farm, which I just decided will be called "So I grow rice, want to fight about it?", will control the majority of the rice market, and I will be in a position to buy out all other rice producing companies with my ridiculously large quarterly profit. After creating a monopoly in the rice market, I will become the richest man in the world and to repay the United States of America for all it has given me, I will leave an anonymous envelope on the steps of the White House containing a check for one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars to jump start its poor economy. Then, I will sell my company to the highest bidder and use all of that money to buy the entire United Kingdom of forbid every person in that country from playing Call of Duty: 4. Brie Penaherrara (probably misspelled) will one day show up at my house and ask me to marry her, and I will tell her not to flatter herself, and that I am far beyond her league with my new social status and exceedingly good looks, so she should settle for someone like B.G. Lemmon. I will eventually grow tired of controlling the U.K., so I will give it back to the public and move to Jamaica, where I will pay the world's top scientists to bring Bob Marley back to life, and he and I will create wonderful music and project a message of peace and love to the world. After we convert the entire population of the earth to our new religion, in which everyone loves everyone, I will have accomplished all of my goals. This is what I would do with my free time if Haverford did not ruin my childhood with homework.
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