what up ya all?

dear mrs. ciotti's class,

i think it would just be a fabulous idea if everybody got on this site and just gave a brief description of what they are doing at this point in their summer. i know that most people don't ever check this site, but i left it as a bookmark so every few weeks i notice it there and decide to stop back in and check out if anybody has been kind enough to post a new entry. i have a lax tournament this weekend then the brine team camp thing for haverford then i'm going back to my house in maine. so if anybody else is either bored enough to check the site or whatever you people do to see this, how about you let everyone else know what you are doing. and yes i am very bored right now which is why i did this. so... bye...

lots of love,

scott warren

p.s.- lemmon sucks at cod and golf 





I wish summer could be what it used to be: having nothing to do and just hanging out doing just about nothing. That is exactly what I need right now. Since I'm a little late on my blog, right now I am smack in the middle of final exams, and let me tell you, I am jut swamped. It literally amazes me how much stuff i have to do. I'm going to put the amount of time I will have spent in total preparing for my finals at about 30-35 hours. Maybe more. And then the worst part of all of this is that once I'm done with school and get all of those A's on my report card, I still won't have time to relax. As soon as my schedule is finished with being filled up with schoolwork, it willed by stuffed with athletic events. I will be playing quite a bit of lacrosse in the beginning of the summer and playing quite a bit of squash in the end of it. However, fortunately for me, somewhere in the middle of all of the, for some of July that is, I will have time the head up to my house in Maine and relax there. I will enjoy that part of my summer sooooo much. HJJNGRYKNMUIHMUUFREUHMFULSEFKDYGFKJRHGNBRVNFGHJKBNSF BHKBV YUGBERYUTBGHNTJKRNV FN EHUVBHREUBHVFKBDJKVBFGHJOGBEROBVYBEYHYTUHEYHTUYBVGHJBVJF. Yeah. I don't know what it means either... Just angry typing in caps lock to express my anger at exams.

What are Final Exams?

I have decided to completely ignore "Final Exams" this year. I realized that school only does harm to a growing male youth, and that choosing a path other than "education" is a more reasonable approach to life. Studying my mind off just to achieve acceptable (or even exemplary) isn't a good way to spend a significant part of my life. Although I have extremely difficult exams like Chinese, Math, and History (which isn't as hard as the others), I will spend the next couple of weeks outside, soaking up some rays, workin' on my chill lax tan, and maybe enjoying a few black & white milkshakes. Why do something like school that can only lead to a stressful career when I could be doing something productive like relaxing and taking in the scenery of nature. Maybe I'll even compose a song or two on the geetar and play them for one and all to hear so that I can soothe the metaphoric ears of the world. One Love ya'all.... one love....

What are Final Exams?

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