Hazy Lazy Days

During this summer, I will be moving. We leave June 13, an we should be situated by June 15. After exams are over I have to go through my room and clear out all the junk that I have accumuated throughout my seven year stay here in Philadelphia. We should be leaving that eary Saturday morning so we can skip traffic and only be on the road for about 5 hours. I am surprisingly looking forward to moving, even though I will be leaving all my friends that I have here. I didn't sign up for summer camps this year, but I was supposed to go to China with Johns Hopkins CTY, the same program that Kelly Mao is using to go to China. I may have to do some extra summer work because the order of classes between here and Boston are a little different. Overall I plan to run more often and get ready for football and track season next year. I also plan to build a fence around our new backyard so that our dogs can roam and run around outside. I definitely plan to visit Boston proper, probably with my sister because in August she is heading off to college. She decided to go to Tufts University, which is only a subway stop or two away from our house, so hopefuly she will be around more often than not. I plan to come back to Haverford, but probably not during the summer. I just plan to get to know Lexington and Boston better over the summer so that I am accustomed to everything by the time school starts. My school is about 20 minutes away, so it's not very far. I plan to some things, but hopefully nothing school related unless I have to. This summer will be a summer of transition, a summer in which I just want to settle in and get to know the area.